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Kundalini Prenatal Yoga with Ksusha Barber

Kundalini Prenatal Yoga

Come join our new gentle Prenatal Kundalini class series with Ksusha Barber at Mohm! The goal of the class is to deeply connect with your precious baby within your womb through flowing yoga movements, ancient mantra chanting, powerful visualizations and deep meditation. 

This prenatal yoga class is based on the principles of Kundalini and is a different type of prenatal yoga class you may be used to. You are in for a spiritual and emotional treat with this class! It offers deep connection to your body mind soul and baby. The asanas (postures) and their sequencing are dynamic and are performed with a lot of movement. This class is powerful, graceful, and playful.

Being surrounded by the group of women, you will be able to activate the innate wisdom of a Mother, learn how to surrender into ecstatic birth and how to trust your body and your baby.

When you get to commit to this class experience every week of your pregnancy, you will become more in control, more in your power and in your intuitive knowing of what is best for you and your baby during your now conscious pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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