A Center of Education, Community, and Support for Moms and Families

Becoming a parent does not come with a user manual, which is why MOHM was created.
— Danya Sher

About Us

MOHM is a place for moms and parents seeking education, community, and support necessary to navigate the journey of parenthood beginning with pregnancy and infancy, all the way through adolescence.

More hands create less work, and in the world of motherhood, nothing could hold more truth.

It is invaluable to have the reassurance that you are not on this voyage alone. Forming these relationships, and hearing your same story told by others in similar shoes is what helps keep this ship afloat. When moms get together and share their ups and downs, it normalizes the experience that only a fellow mom would understand.

Our classes include mommy before me, mommy and mini me, mommy and me, prenatal yoga, MOhM and Baby Yoga, MOhM Yoga, parenting classes, infant massage, and much more to come.

Our classes and services stretch across the broader horizons of parenthood. We offer the education and support you need to tackle your role as a mom, and dad, with a bit more ohm.

We look forward to meeting you at our new studio and welcome your phone call or email for any questions.