A Center of Education, Community, and Support for Moms and Families


Danya Sher, MOHM Owner

B.S. Kinesiology – San Diego State University
Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hr – Triad Yoga & Pilates
Swedish Massage Therapist – Massage School Santa Monica
Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy Sports Medicine
Youth Fitness Trainer – International Sports Science Association

Danya is a passionate mom who wants to help others in their adventures of motherhood. She lives in Mission Viejo with her husband Ryan, son Jayden, and baby girl Ora Jo.

Before opening MOHM, Danya dedicated over 13 years helping clients of all ages and fitness levels in her personal training business in Los Angeles and Orange County. Her clients included pregnant/postpartum women, elderly seniors, and special needs children. She is also a yoga teacher who loves guiding her students through their asana practice, the physical practice of yoga, and enjoys being inspired by the calm and creativity of her students.

Danya spends her spare time playing soccer with Jayden, cuddling with Ora Jo, and sipping wine with Ryan. She enjoys catching up with close friends, practicing yoga, drinking tea, and traveling.

With an intuitive guide to comfort and assist others, it is now her commitment to offer those same qualities to fellow moms through education, guidance, love and support here at MOHM. She believes that these elements are so vital in raising a family in today’s modern world and that sometimes such resources can be hard to find, so she created MOHM as a safe haven to offer all that a mom needs, in just one place. 



Michelle Smith - Infant Specialist & Mommy and Me Educator

Michelle Smith is a certified infant specialist and nurse who believes in empowering the new mom with education and support. She understands that the first year and beyond of motherhood is beautifully challenging.

Michelle has been leading mommy and me groups for the past 3 years and has a passion for newborns. Michelle has 2 children under the age of five and resides in Ladera Ranch. 

Elizabeth Olsheim.jpg

Elizabeth Olsheim - Lactation Educator

Elizabeth received a Masters in Education from Pepperdine University and has over 10 years of experience as a public school educator. After having her first two children, Elizabeth combined her passion for education with her desire to help fellow mothers and completed her Lactation Educator Certification from UCLA. She joined the lactation team at The Pump Station in Los Angeles, and later, The Berlin Wellness Group in Orange County, where she taught prenatal breastfeeding classes, baby care classes, and led breastfeeding support groups. She has guided hundreds of mothers–and fathers–through the breastfeeding journey to success. The proud mother of three young boys–ages 10, 8 and 3– Elizabeth understands that breastfeeding is an individual and unique experience for every mother, and every baby. Having experienced all the joy, and some of the trials of breastfeeding with each of her own boys, Elizabeth is dedicated to helping mothers successfully breastfeed while meeting their families’ ever-changing needs.


Jessica Breiter-Bonner, LM, CPM, RN, Midwife and Registered Nurse

Jessica has participated in more than 100 home births, and over 200 hospital births; she is well acquainted with the protocols of both. However, Jessica's current practice commits exclusively to home births. Jessica believes that in order to be the best midwife for her clients, she must be as educated and knowledgeable as possible. Therefore, Jessica, as a part-time student, is currently pursuing the Master’s Program in Nursing which includes her Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner license and a Master’s in Midwifery through the prestigious Georgetown University.

Jessica’s ultimate goal is to combine the benefits of both western and eastern medical practices to her patients.

Jessica believes in including the patient as part of the decision-making process. Jessica’s philosophy is that a woman should learn to trust her body and allow nature to take its course in a holistic manner when she is low risk and healthy—intervention is not always the solution.

Jessica will be the strongest and most ardent advocate for mom and baby.  Mom must also be educated and informed, and thus, she has responsibilities too, in order to create the most beautiful and awe-inspiring journey that the miracle of life has to offer.


Carmela Rossi Lane - Prenatal and Postnatal yoga instructor

Carmela began practicing yoga in 1995 while employed as an Aerospace Engineer.  She found that yoga relieved tension from the stressful work environment and was a natural extension of her training as a ballet dancer at the San Francisco Ballet.  She became a certified yoga instructor in 1999 under Dianne Harman and has been teaching yoga ever since.  Carmela enjoys working with students new to the practice of yoga, as well as with senior citizens, pregnant women, infants, and children.  She offers her students a well-rounded practice that focuses on the breath to anchor each asana and a guided meditation to achieve deep relaxation.